About Me...

PLAY BACK SINGER REJU JOSEPH - I am a Singer who loves to sing with a Vibrant Voice and lovely feel which pierces deeply and movingly into the hearts of my listeners. I am a student of Karnatic Music and have a strong Karnatic Base for more than twenty years. I am now learning Hindustani Classical too. Being a Play Back Singer I have been doing Stage Shows and Ghazal Concerts all over the World.

I love Karnatic and Hindustani Classical and just for building my basement. I even love western classical. But I am into Ghazal singing due to my gr8 passion and more over for improving the scope in my filmi singing i.e. rendering approach like a Ghazal singer getting a registered expression n lyrics which s n a high end bhavam and layam which tallies to the scope of visualisation. So that in that level of singing the filimi character gets more boost in that song too. I am also learning Ghazals from my collection of hindusthani raga alapanam and uses all this stuff in my Ghazal concert, when I do manodharmam, and helps a lot in my filmi singing and for doing good compositions too.

I was born in Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala , and now reside permanently at Kaloor in Kochi.

Past & Steps to Success

I have been undergoing training in Karnatic Music since the age of 7.
My Gurus have been,

Guru Shri. Cherthala Gopalan Nair
Guru Shri. Perumbavoor G.Raveedranath
Guru Smt. Annapurneshvari

I continue learning Karnatic Music from Guru Shri M.R.Madhusoodana Menon and Hindusthani Classical from Guru Shri Ramesh Narayan.

Academic Background

I did my schooling from Christ Nager and St.Marys Thrivananthapuram and later I graduated in Accounts ( B.Com ) from Mar Ivanios College Thrivananthapuram and hand also in Law ( L.L.B ) from Law Accadamy ,Thrivananthapuram . However I was keen on pursuing a career in singing and doing music.

My Likes

I love listening to music which is youthful, soft and nostalgic but not with much rhythm which disturbs melody based on Karnatic / Hindustani Classical /Ghazals. I also like all Western classical styles, Country songs, Fused versions and music with good harmony.

I am very crazy about and fond of pets and rear and keep dogs, birds and ornamental fish as a hobby.